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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brown Baggin' It - (Day 1 & 2) Big Girls Small Kitchen College Challenge :)

We all remember the good ole lunchbox, brown-bag, grocery sack full of noms to keep you satisfied throughout the day and especially at lunch time. My lunchbox was red, came with the cutest canteen and had, if I remember correctly, a Disney character in front of it :) Some had brown paper bags with their names written on them. Memories of swapping snacks and sandwiches because you hate tuna and your mom never ceases to make it...ah, those were the days!

Well, why not bring these days back?! The lovely ladies, Phoebe and Cara, of Big Girls Small Kitchen and Big Girls Small Kitchen College have challenged foodies, food bloggers and followers alike to get back in the swing of carrying our lunch again with the Brown Bag Challenge this week! They're offering awesome prizes too!! They are "partnering with BuiltNY to give you tips, recipes, and giveaways about lunch on the go." Sharing with the ladies how you "Brown Bag It" will give you the chance to win some of the awesome lunch and bottle totes pictured below for your "brown bagging" needs! :)

Whether you're at work, in between classes (for us college-goin' folk) or wherever/whatever else, it is all too important to miss lunch.

I can say personally that going to Wendy's and perusing the value menu is not the best decision for lunch time come crunch time. Neither is a Chik-Fil-A combo, no matter how deliciously crispy and tender their waffle fries are. It is, indeed, still terrible. 

Unfortunately I did not pack a lunch per se on Monday. However, I did manage to pack healthy snacks. I had smoked Gouda and Muenster cheeses and not-too-terrible Ritz crackers as well as fresh blueberries, carrot sticks, a pear and peanut butter with honey. But today, oh today! I made a stuffed pita sandwich that made my heart leap a bit when I tasted it :) Sadly, I did not take photographs before I devoured both halves of the turkey/muenster/tomato-filled goodness. 

However, I will post this easy lunch recipe and its constituents below :) Thanks for reading...whoever you are.

Love and Blessings,

Mirakol <3

Day 2: Brown Baggin' It

Turkey Stuffed Pita Samiches (yes, samiches.)
(Serves 1...yeah.)

1 Honey Whole-Wheat Pita (halved and toasted)
1 Tbsp Olive Oil Mayo (cracked pepper and olive oil mayo if you have it)
1/2 Tbsp Brown Mustard
2 Slices of Deli Style Mesquite Honey Smoked Turkey Breast
A guestimate of 3 Slices of Tomato (halved = 6 thin wedges) I love tomatoes!
1 or 2 Slices of Muenster Cheese

Okay, so here's the dealio...this was quick and delicious, so there are no funky tricks and fancy culinary techniques ;)

Take your mayo and mustard and mix it a bit and set aside. Slice your tomato and set aside as well. In a nonstick skillet, take each piece of turkey and place your desired amount of muenster on each piece (1/2 or 1 whole slice). If you feel necessary, oil the pan? :P Fry the turkey cheese side down until the cheese melts and is crispy and flip over for the other side of the turkey to brown a bit. (This could get messy. I just used what I had. You could use a broiler, I guess. But that's no fun!) Once your meat and  cheese is all crispy and melty, remove it from the heat. Pop the pita in the toaster for a bit till toasty. Spread your mustard/mayo inside the pita (vary the amount and ratio to your liking). Stuff with turkey muenster (ha, get it? Turkey muenster (monster)?? I'll be here all night!) Divide your sliced tomato among each half pita. If you'd like, you could stuff a green in it as well :) Serve with veggie sticks and/or fruit :) Hope you find this as pleasant as I did!

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