Monday, October 5, 2015


I'd asked myself a few times over why is it I love you
And I recall the Christ and how He loved us first; so, we love Him in return
It is the least we could do...the very least
For whatever reason, you loved me first
You allowed your heart to be wild and abandon security for risk of loving me
For you to love me, though I don't understand it
Though I don't always fully believe it
Makes me want to love you in return
It is the least I could do...the very least

Missing you

Originally written September 21, 2015

Some would maintain that you can't miss what never was
They would be wrong
For they know not of the many times you've kissed my lips with your words
They haven't felt the jumble of butterflies I get when your grasp steadies my hips with mere thought
Or the comfort I've gotten in the way you held the small of my back with your care
And some days, it feels unfair
That you can't wrap me in your physical embrace
But until then, I'll let your words kiss my lips

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Originally written August 23, 2015

You are my insomnia.
It's unfair that you've taken over my mind.
Sweet goodnights end with me staying awake daydreaming of sweet, good nights next to you.
It's unfair.
How you've hitched yourself up to me without warning.
I don't wanna call it love. But...I can't sleep.