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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Deeerrrrrppppp .______.

Soooo, I'm at work left to my own vices----a cell phone, a book, Mac Photo Booth and Facebook :)

Annnnd, boredom ensues...

Then I put a bubble in my mouth and made it move in rhythm with my eyebrows :D

Then, I thought I was sexy. But got upset when I found out the camera was doing the multi-shot thing. So I settled for cute and content.

I've gotten some interesting reading and random interwebs research done. Working on Saturday isn't the most fun, but it helps to get comp time. I need it for when I go to New York next month to visit my seester! Her name is Gabbi and she was my big when I pledged Alpha Lambda Omega Christian Sorority, Inc. I'll be going with my LS, D-Neezy f. Baby...long story about the nickname lol! I'm excited...it's gonna be a time, indeed. I'll post updates and pictures!

Also, whoever reads this thing can watch my review about this line of products:

You can get it at NaturallyCurly.com. A little foreshadowing--I didn't care for much but the mousse (surprisingly) and the spray. The other stuff can build a pile of rocks and kick it.

Moving on...
Yesterday, I found out about this:

Call me a dork if you will--and I'm sure you probably will--but it's awesome (err...scary?) that you can update life events on Facebook. Yesterday, I let all of Facebook know that I am now following a vegetarian diet. It's pretty neat! Unnecessary, but neat, nonetheless :)

Sooo, yeahhh...on this vegetarian lifestyle thing: 

As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, I'm reading Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live book. Good information, though somewhat biased. Outside of the overwhelming amount of research he feels the need to convey in the book, somewhere in all what appears to me as "riff-raff" I find interesting observations and facts that help me to understand my eating habits as well as those of most of United States Americans. 

I'll soon begin an oil-free, sugar-free (only sugar from fruits and other plant bases...no substitutes), animal product-free way of eating. The stage of vegetarianism will not only help me transition, but also help me eat the foods that are in my fridge (e.g.: eggs, butter, etc.) I'm excited and somewhat scared, but going in with hope and expectancy that I can do this with the will of the Lord :) I'll keep y'all posted!

Outside of work today, I'll be going to Chuy's with the aforementioned D-Neezy f. Baby! Ha, her name is actually Denetria, but she's the best rapper you'll ever meet on this side of the South--I don't care what you say; she's cool to me! :)

I need to get laundry done because the business casual struggle becomes quite real during the week and I tend to obscure the line of what is work appropriate and what was clean and quick to put on because I awoke 10 minutes before my ride arrived downstairs. Also, I'll soon be moving into my new apartment...YAY! Finally out of student housing in t-minus 2 months. Ohhhh, freedom!!! I'll post on my moving process, furnishings and new pet:

Her name is Buttermilk and she's probably the cutest thing you ever did saw! :)
Photo courtesy of austinpetsalive.com

I hope to adopt her from Austin Pets Alive! once I settle in a bit and hand over my left arm and right leg for the pet deposit -____- lol! But she's a beaut and I wanna love her and feed her Meow Mix! Soon, Buttermilk, you will have your forever home with me :)

Welp...I'm tired of typing. I wish I would have brought some knitting materials. Time to read!


Friday, June 7, 2013

It's Been Far Too Long! :(

Well, hello there to my 2.5 readers :) Haha! It's been a while so I guess I can manage to try and catch you up on my goings-ons. First! Happy New Year! and Happy Belated Thanksgiving and Christmas is almost here! Needless to say I cooked and enjoyed food for all of the above stated holidays and will do so for the upcoming good times. Many recipes I am not going to post :P Lol! Further, I am currently in the end of my senior year of college an employee at UT Austin! I did not walk in the Spring semester, but I'm excited to be a December grad in Texas...a nice breezy 70 degrees on graduation day haha! It's bittersweet but I'm excited for new beginnings! 

(UPDATE: Definitely started this draft in the beginning of December 2012...I'm graduated and working now!)

Mi familia y yo :)

I guess I should start blogging more! I made this:

Photo: My dimply plum and cherry cake :) The house smells amazing! Cinnamon, orange zest, vanilla...mmm!

This was blackberry cobbler...

Photo: I woulda taken a pic of the finished product...but I lacked natural light :)


Oh food! And please forgive my poor food photography. The best one is the first and most recent pic using natural lighting and a dumbphone (the best...lighting that is)! 

Also, for the past 1-2 years, I have been experimenting with vegan cuisine. I'm really enjoying learning about how to prepare food differently and animal- and dairy-free! It is much healthier and very delicious! Flavor and funderfuliciousness does not have to be compromised because bacon and cheddar are not involved. 

DISCLAIMER: I am an advocate for bacon and cheddar...not necessarily in that order nor necessarily together. However I will oblige under the circumstances that they are offered in conjunction with one another. 

Even further, I am now reading this:

It's really helping reshape how I think of food and my body. I'm gonna take the 6-week challenge. Pray for me, lol! (But, seriously...) This, subsequently, will result in healthified "nutritarian" recipes. I will still post the occasional recipes for baked yumyums and noms that include animal products...I just won't be eating them. #TheStruggle. But this is for my health, for my life and ultimately for God's Kingdom and my role in it. More on this process later.

Ohhh....yeahhh, at one point had dreadlocks...and a nose ring :)


That was funnn...haha!

I did my 2nd Big Chop March 2012 because I wasn't being very smart lol. I loved it though...but missed my locs.

Hair Disaster December 2012 -- pictures later...oy!

Annnd...3rd Big Chop April 2013 

Ended up doing this after the aforementioned sad hair story that is for another post:

I actually love it short. However, it's growing in and now looks like this:


I may get locs again...who knows :)

I also went on a mission trip to Baja, Mexico with Ten Days Missions and it was beyond amazing. The majesty and sovereignty of God was definitely displayed. Here's a picture for you to enjoy. I'll post later on that as well.

Mi amiguita, Luna, y yo :)

I will post my recipe ventures, hair schtuffs, how Jesus Christ is rocking my world and other fun life things now that I will have more time (ostensibly) to maintain a blog! Much love to you all (1..2? Ha!)