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Monday, February 3, 2014

It's Been a Long Time//I Shouldn't Have Left You//Without a Dope Beat to Step to//Step to//Step to *scratches record*

Hahahaaa! Throwback, right?! Make you want to break into full dance combat…low-rise cargos, string bikini top and errthang! I hope you're well…you who's reading this. I hope time has shown you new things thus far. I hope your new year is a happy one to date.

I've been well. Up and down, but doing well. I'm learning that I enjoy my life a bit better when I can see my bedroom floor and my clothes are properly hanged in my closet. I can thank my best friend for that. She came for a visit and managed to help me pull my life together in less than 3 days. I'm grateful to her.

Since I've posted last, I took my driving test for the first time and managed to roll through a stop sign and scared the halibut out of the instructor. "You rolled through that stop sign. Then when pulling in, you could have driven us into a ditch." I wanted to be like…

But that may have very well ended me up in "you-cannot-take-your-driving-test-for-another-five-years" jail with my face plastered on every window of every DPS in the Austin/Pflugerville area. I personally thought I stopped. Zero, two--what's the difference? In my defense, little Billy wasn't playing in the street and no cars were coming. I also did GREAT on the parallel parking. But, I know it'd be much better to go out on the road with confidence that I can be a responsible driver than to just be given a license haphazardly. I've been practicing since that horrible day and have gotten much better with caution, control of the vehicle, etc. I retake my driving test tomorrow. Keep me lifted peeps. I should be rollin' soon. *thinks about insurance rates, faints* Somebody call Flo!

Moving on…

I've been a-cookin' and such. But I've been terrible about photographing my food to track on this blog. I've been snapping Instagram photos here and there. However, I want to get that whole lighting and positioning thing down a bit before I end up on the #CookingForBae Instagram page. Nope, ain't gonna happen, Cap'n! I promise I'm gonna get better about it. Till then, I'll post about life and hopefully that's as interesting as the blueberry white chocolate blondies I made last night… ;)

I'll post again this week. Just wanted to let y'all know I'm alive and kickin'!

Cow Bell Ciao Bella…or something like that…