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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

No. 3 of my 30 in 15 for National Poetry Month


I have believed what they've told me about myself.
Their truths about me.
'You're so extroverted and outgoing!'
'You're such a people person!'
'You're friends with everyone!'
But, you see...they don't know me.

I love people, but they annoy me.
I like my space but am also outgoing.
I have few close friends and many acquaintances.
And yielding my energy often relinquishes me of my maintenances.

See...I am what some call an ambivert; an outgoing introvert.
I think and feel deeply. And when you hurt, I hurt.
I am compassionate and intense. I am pensive and subtle-minded.
And my brightness, in part, dims my spirit--broken, troubled, and disquieted.

I began to only see it, when I was alone and left in my head.
Facing my personal darknesses and inmost thoughts had become something I'd dread.
So I'd throw myself into others, in hopes to escape what I feared deeply...
To be by myself and be forced to re-meet me.

Hello 'strange' 15 year old, with the jet black hair, necktie and stripy socks.
I see you with your questions, listening to your 'strange' music, donning a sleeve that showcases your heart.

Never simply accept someone else's truth about you.
You are okay. Being who you are is okay.
You're different, and you'll soon find that you like it that way.

- Mirakol Smith, April 14, 2015

1 comment:

Shawanee' Patrick said...

I love everything about this piece! :) Keep writing! I miss it!